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About ALTA

We believe in the power of people, communities and organizations to make a difference, to achieve a vision and to create a more equitable society. Born out of this belief, ALTA Consulting Group was founded to support the success of organizations dedicated to creating positive change in our communities. Whether the issue is reaching diverse populations, creating access to health care, affordable quality childcare or community revitalization, we understand that it takes a passionate commitment along with ~ solid plans, tools and strategies to ensure effective implementation and results.

Our understanding of these needs comes from years of professional experience, which flows from our personal commitment to change. We are dedicated to supporting what you do because we share your belief in the possibilities created by collaboration and coordination, the hope reflected in each new idea and the need for organizational infrastructure to support and achieve positive outcomes.

Whether you want to address issues in a single community or nationwide, we can help make your vision a reality.


ALTA Consulting Group provides technical assistance, project management services and training to nonprofit community-based organizations and for-profit companies. Offering bilingual services in English and Spanish, ALTA is a woman-owned firm. Launched in 1993, ALTA has worked with hundreds of local, national and international organizations to advance their missions.

The firm’s expertise lies in project management, staff and organizational development and training, public policy development and staff fund-raising. Clients come from many sectors, including education, social services and housing.

ALTA’s leadership team brings more than 50 years combined experience and a broad knowledge base to clients. We are professionally and personally committed to making a difference in communities, especially those that have been traditionally underserved. We look forward to exploring the many ways we might work together.


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